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August 26, 2010

The FAB foam guitar speaker cab

Following on from the FAMP comes the next logical step in the evolution of foam. That's right, the speaker cab. This is a 2 x 12, 120W guitar speaker cab that weighs 9.5 KG's. Yeah, you heard right.
After the prototype success of the FAMP, we have started making guitar (and probably bass) speaker cabs out of foam in the same method as the original FAMP. These are glued foam cabinets with thin ply speaker baffles and internal bracing. It measures 760x290x430 and weighs just 9.5 KG's using 2 60W Celestion Neo speakers.

No more lugging big heavy speaker cabs to practice and gigs. This weighs less than 2 Gibson LP's and you can put ANY amp up to around 100W on top of it.
It has seriously great tone up against our timber cabs and other manufacturers cabs. We were actually a little shocked ourselves at the tone this little cab puts out and it's SO small and LIGHT.
This cab can be run in closed or open back as the back baffle is hinged at the bottom with locking latches to close it up. You get a slightly different tone from closed to open back. We can also fit the FAMP 50W guitar amp into this cab, making a 2x12 50W guitar combo that would weigh less than 15 KG's.

After more development and testing we will be releasing a 4x10 version also with Neo speakers also. The cab above is pictured with one of my vintage 80W Matamps on top to give an idea of size. These heads are the same as most vintage and modern Orange heads. These are HEAVY heads and as you can see there's no bowing in the cab top. You can stand on these cabs.

These cabs, just like the FAMP are completely self contained and once we have our stainless steel speaker grill sorted for the production models, you don't need road cases to tour with them.

If you're interested in testing one of these cabs contact Tym guitars


  1. om my god. want want want. how much would the 4x10 weigh at a guess?

  2. I'm looking at approx 12-15KG's for the 4x10 at the moment.

  3. amazing! 4x10/sx12 is on to buy list!