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May 31, 2010

The Source

The ultimate accessory for any guitarist using pedals. No more batteries, no more maze of wires and plug packs and no more buzz and hum. The simple and elegant solution to running your effects pedals.

The Source is a rechargeable battery unit designed to run the vast majority of guitar effect pedals. It is the equivalent to approximately 30 brand new 9 volt (PP3) alkaline batteries, per charge ( 30 batteries @ aprox $4.00 ea = $120 per charge - It will virtually pay for itself in the first few recharges. It will also run keyboards, MIDI controllers and small amplifiers.

6 independant voltage outputs
Independant current protection
Low noise
Will run 6 effects pedals for 8hrs +
fully automatic charging circuit
Extruded aluminium case
Includes leads and DC charger
Runs nearly all effects pedals
Long operational life
Can be used while charging
12 month warranty
Each DC outlet is protected by a custom protection system which isolates faulty wiring or effects units without interfering with the other outlets.
These are available now at Tym guitars for $349 Aus. For more info contact Tym guitars or Guitar Bits on sales@guitarbits.com.au

May 29, 2010

Black Cat Effects

Made in the USA since 1993
After production was discontinued in late 2007, Black Cat is back…and better than ever. Using the same great designs by Fred Bonte, this next generation of Black Cat Pedals has received a super-boutique makeover:

* high-quality components and PCBs
* top-notch build quality with consistent production
* eye-catching graphics and deluxe packaging

Not everything has changed, however — Black Cat Pedals are still individually hand-wired and made in the USA. Black Cat users have included Eric Johnson, Billy F. Gibbons, Trey Anastasio (Phish), Scott Henderson, Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, and countless others.

Tym guitars will have stock of these great pedals very soon. I had heard of Black Cat but when Dinosaur Jr toured recently J was raving about the Black Cat Superfuzz. He likes the new one better than his old Black Cat Superfuzz for some reason and thinks it's the best of any re-issue he's tried.

May 27, 2010

Tym Cube of Silence

Here's the home recorders dream. We call it the "Cube of Silence" A couple of guitarists in Brisbane and Sydney have these already and they LOVE them. They can be used in the studio where volume or "spill" is an issue, in a live situation where you can't turn your amp up loud enough to get the overdriven tone you want, straight into the PA or at home into a mixing desk or headphones.
This little box allows you to plug your amp into the "almost" soundproof cab, stick 1 or 2 mics in front of the speaker and turn it up as loud as you want with little to no spill in your studio/bedroom or practice room. You can use it to record or practice with headphones and still get a nice "loud" tone.
The Cube comes in 1x10" or 1x12" and comes complete with 2 mic stands, hardwired to two XLR outputs and the speaker input jack. There are currently demo cabs in the retail shop in the Valley. Go in and try them out with headphones and see for your self. If you live in a townhouse, flat or with people who don't want to hear you, play small clubs and want more control over how loud your guitar is, or run a studio and want to record "live" with no spill, these are for you.

May 24, 2010

Tym speaker cabs

We've finally had time to build more speaker cabs so there will be some available in the retail shop ASAP.
I will have 2x12 and 1x12 cabs available in the shop in both loaded and unloaded with 4x10 and some custom cabs to follow soon.

We made a few custom cabs in this run including a 1x15 in the 2x12 cab and 2x12 in the 4x10 cab, both for bass and a vertical 2x12 for guitar. Anyone who has cabs on order please contact me. I have been sending emails to everyone I have on the list.
Demand has been great for my cabs. I'm so happy that people are prepared to buy locally handmade, quality gear when the market is flooded with cheap Chinese imports. We have sold over 50 cabs in the last 18 months not including custom amp head shells, which may seem insignificant to big manufacturers but for an independent business making these completely by hand in Brisbane, I'm pretty proud of that and I thank everyone who has bought one for supporting Tym guitars.

The Tym TREMFUZZ ................

OK, this started out as my "homage" to garage bands and especially the Cramps. My love of this band is almost (almost) as much as the Ramones and when I heard Lux had died I decided to make a pedal for him. This was "The Human Fly" which was supposed to be a limited run to say thanks to Lux. It was more sought after than I expected and I released "The Return of the Human Fly" to fill demand. This pedal is still available.
This is the prototype of my new pedal that incorporates the new Tym tremolo pedal with a Human Fly, sort of ............

The trem circuit is based on the old but very cool EA trem using a sine wave oscillator. These had above unity volume so I have fitted an input volume to wind back to "normal" This is also advantageous when running the fuzz after the trem as you can adjust the amount of input signal feeding the fuzz OR with the fuzz before the trem to stop the EA from clipping too much from all the gain being pushed into it. Speed and depth work as usual.
From here you go to the modified Mosrite Fuzzrite circuit that is used in the Human Fly. This is a mid 60's "sausage sizzle" fuzz that holds chords really well and is great for lead. I have added a BigMuff tone stack to the fuzz, which does drain some signal so I've given it a bypass if you want the straight, raw fuzz signal. This, like the original has volume and gain.

There is also a power boost for even MORE gain. This is the same gain stage used in the Human Fly (and Howling Woolf) fuzz. This can be engaged to "thicken" up the fuzz and add lots of volume if desired or the separate volume can be used to adjust the overall volume while keeping the thickness.
All of these effects can be used separately, or together meaning you get 3 pedals in one. It can be a trem, a trem with boost, a fuzz, a fuzz with boost, a trem with fuzz ........ well, you get the idea. All effects are true bypass with LED's on each. The trem can be run before the fuzz or the fuzz before the trem. It runs on a 9V battery or a Boss style DC adaptor.
The pedal is housed in the same custom made enclosure that was used for the now sold out Tym SuperFuzz BigMudd.

The artwork is curretnly being done by Lluis Fuzzhound and the pedal should be ready for release in July 2010.

Tym guitars Big Bottom V2

Well, it's finally here.
I've had to re-design the enclosure and it now takes 2 9V batteries, but it's done and shipping now. These are all hand made by me here at our TMI workshop in Brisbane and proceeds from the sale of this pedal goes to Dean Turners family.

The Tym guitars Big Bottom V2 has been designed to give bass players more options for effects pedals and sounds over the original Tym guitars Big Bottom.
The idea behind this great pedal is to split the signal coming from your bass guitar and send the mid to high frequencies through an effects loop to any guitar effects pedals, while keeping your bass frequencies clean. This eliminates the loss of bottom end that bass players would normally experience when using guitar effects pedals. You get a clean BIG BOTTOM and an effected main signal.
Designed in conjunction with and used by the late Dean Turner of Australian band Magic Dirt and completely handmade on site at Tym guitars, this pedal is unique and a must have for bass players who use effects of any kind.

Operation is simple.
The bass guitar is plugged into the INSTRUMENT jack.
From the EFFECTS OUT jack connect a patch lead to the input of your effects pedals.
From the output of your effects pedals connect a patch lead to the EFFECTS IN jack of the Big Bottom.
The AMPLIFIER jack is sent to your amp.
EFFECTS LEVEL adjusts the amount of signal flowing through the effects loop so can be used to “blend” the amount of effects in the overall signal.
VOLUME adjusts the amount of clean signal in the bottom end.
The effect has unity volume at around 7 on BOTH volumes so pedals in the loop can be cut or increased to above unity volume and bass frequencies can be boosted or cut from the clean signal.
The STOMP SWITCH is true bypass for the pedal.
The unit is powered by 2 x 9 volt batteries with access through the bottom OR any regulated 9 – 24 volt DC centre negative external power supply. The higher voltage will yield more headroom.

I'm very happy with this pedal. I think Dean would have loved this version. These are available now from Tym guitars in limited numbers.