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August 21, 2010

Mosrite Fuzzrite clones we stock

This GREAT little Fuzz pedal was designed and built by Ed Sanner in 1965 for Mosrite of California and has become a much loved (and copied) fuzz. It's a fairly simple 2 transistor fuzz with gain and volume controls. We currently stock a few clones of this little gem.

Tym Buzzrite. This is a copy of the second version Fuzzrite. My personal favorite using 2 silicon transistors. These are built on Tym designed PCB's using high quality components and Switchcraft jacks. Mine has a "Boss" style adaptor but no LED. This is a nasty little 60's fuzz that I put squarely in what I call the "sausage sizzle" type fuzz. Not much bottom end but still good for chords and great for lead (see the Ventures).

Creepyfingers Fuzzfight.
Its a version of the first edition germanium transistor equipped Mosrite Fuzzrite. Using the same transistor types as the original it pumps out a nasty 60's style fuzz. The good/evil knob blends between a warm crunchy fuzz to a stingy mess. Awesome for copping those Iron Butterfly tones. Fuzzfight is point to point wired.

Traves Gunk. Dave uses Vero board, cut to size and designs a layout based on the old schematic, adding modern tweaks, control options, pull down resistors, power filtering, reverse polarity protection etc..
They use Alpha pots, metal film resistors where possible and NOS transistors where applicable. All pedals have True Bypass,Led's and Boss style DC adaptors. Based on Mosrite Fuzzrite. Using BC108A or 2n2222a transistors.

Vintage FX Fuzzriot. The original circuit called for 2 silicon transistors, which limited the pedal to a "nasty" & "nastier" tonal range. Dave of Vintage FX has replaced the 1st stage transistor with an NPN germanium, which enables a slightly tamer tone when the depth is rolled back. Be assured, when depth is turned up, you will have all of the nastiness of the original. Dave's also added a tone control to back off on the trebliness", if that is desired. Dave doesn't claim that it's "better than the original", but it is just as good & amp; much more versatile.

There's a reason so many people clone these Fuzzrites. They're a GREAT 60's fuzz in all forms and originals are starting to fetch BIG money. If you want that late 60's Ventures/surf sound, put one of these into a Fender amp with reverb.
These pedals are IN STOCK now. Contact Tym guitars for more info and prices.

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