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December 17, 2010

MJM fuzz pedals

MJM 3 Knob Brit Bender Fuzz The MJM Brit Bender was designed for sustain and gain with a tight bottom end. The 3 Knob Brit Bender is voiced differently than the original. Giving a bigger, more round bottom end the 3 Knob Bender gives less sustain but makes up for it in attitude. This version of the Brit Bender also features a Tone knob for added versatility yielding fuzz tones from dark and dreary to bright and cutting. The MJM 3 Knob Brit Bender Fuzz is perfect for any rig, but really shines with single coils.
MJM 3 Knob Brit Bender Fuzz
* 3 Hand Selected Germanium Transistors
* True Bypass
* Tone Control

MJM China Fuzz Pedal
Here it is. The ultimate remake of the Univox Superfuzz is the MJM China Fuzz Pedal. This little tiny box produces tone bigger than the local shopping mall. The wonderful octave fuzz that is available from the China Fuzz will take you right back to the Univox days with warm creamy fuzz and funky octave mayhem. There is a switch for two different flavors of fuzz as well so you can make your MJM China Fuzz do anything you’d like.
MJM China Fuzz Pedal Features:
* True Bypass
* Two Selectable Fuzz Modes
* Small Enclosure

MJM London Fuzz Pedal
MJM Guitar Effects is proud to bring you the London Fuzz. This is the best of the vintage Hendrix-era fuzz tones packed in with two hand matched germanium transistors among other period correct components to give a true vintage vibe to the fuzz. The MJM London Fuzz Pedal cleans up properly with your volume knob and pick attack allowing you to get the most out of your guitar and amp at any time, in any situation. When you’re ready for the ultimate in vintage fuzz tone, getchyerself an MJM London Fuzz Pedal and turn some heads.
MJM London Fuzz Pedal Features:
* Matched Vintage Germanium Transistors
* True Bypass

MJM Roctavios Pedal
The MJM Roctavios Pedal has done it again with this octavlicious sounding pedal. Providing a zesty clean octave effect on lower boost setting all the way up to a fuzz infused roar at upper boost levels, this Roctavios just begs for the right player to tame it.
The MJM Roctavios Pedal’s layout is simple enough with knobs for Boost and Level and a true bypass footswitch to engage this sonic marvel. A little experimentation with your rig is all it takes to make the Roctavios a permanent member of your sonic fleet. Sounding just as cool with guitar or bass, try of the Roctavios Pedal from MJM today.
These and all the other MJM pedals are available through Tym guitars.

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