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December 14, 2010

Tym BigMudd series

The BigMudd Ramhead : These are handmade, hand wired clones of an old school sustain/fuzz made around '75/'76 that has been nicknamed the "Ramhead" by many.
These older fuzz pedals had slightly less gain but way more "harmonics" than later models and re-issues. These are considered by most to be the highest point of this company's fuzz design. These use the original 2N2222 transistors with the classic "mid scoop" and less bottom end that the original version is famous for.

The BigMudd Fuzz : These, like the one above are handmade, hand wired clones of an old school sustain/fuzz from around '77 that is now known as the version 3 by it's many fans but in the new stainless steel enclosure.
This was the last of the transistor models just before the op amp version came in and had the same 3003 board as the "Ramhead" but with slightly different component values and uses 2N5088 transistors giving it more bass and mids. This is probably the one that most people recognize as the "classic" version but personally I love the tone and harmonics of the ramhead era version. The current re-issues by the original company don't get close to either of these great fuzzes.

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