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March 9, 2010

Road Rage pedals

Road Rage are located in Canada and hand make effects loopers of the best quality we have come across at GREAT prices.

If you love vintage gear you'll know the biggest problem with vintage effects, as well as most new effects, is that they are not true bypass. What does this mean? Well it means a lot, if your pedals are not true bypass your guitar signal is still being directed through part of the circuit in each pedal you have plugged in, each circuit is taking away some of your original signal, in other words...
you are losing the tone and volume of your favorite guitar and amp when the effects are off and remain in your signal chain. The best solution to eliminate this problem is to use Road Rage True Bypass Effect Loopers. A Road Rage TBEL will keep the pedals out of your chain until you need them. The difference in your sound is incredible!

They have experimented by building several types of true bypass loopers, trying different wire, jacks, enclosures, etc.. When they got the wiring and components to the point where it sounded the most transparent, they thought it would be shame just to use the same old style of enclosures so they set out to design their own. After an extremely long time and an unwavering dedication to our vision, they came up with what I personally consider the best built and the coolest looking Loopers, A/B's, DIY Boxes and Kits. All RRPG pedals are hand-built one at a time by myself with great pride and care.

Check 'em out now at Tym guitars.

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