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March 1, 2010

Tym Hire gear

Here at Tym guitars I have a lot of guitars, amps and effects that I don't really want to sell, but I hate the idea of a guitar or amp sitting in a cupboard, or worse a vault not being used.
This practice of "collecting" nice guitars and amps and hording them away in vaults is actually killing this gear as they NEED to be used to keep them "alive". Guitars that sit around with string tension, or worse, no string tension but with the trussrod still adjusted, will almost certainly end up with a warped or twisted neck, not to mention pots and jacks (and sometimes pick ups).
Amps left for years without being switched on and having voltage run through them WILL NEED at the very least capacitors replaced when the amp is to be used again. This defeats the purpose of keeping these items in storage to be more valuable and original in the future, as they won't be usable in this state once they're taken out.
So, if I have stuff I don't want to sell. I hire it out. This is good for you as I have generally kept the nicest examples of guitars I want as they come through my shop. Once a nicer one comes along, I sell the the one I have been keeping.
Although this isn't all my personal stuff as some is just (unfortunately) too valuable to hire out in case of damage or theft, it is a nice cross section of gear and most can be used for studio and/or live use.
Here's a list of current gear I have for hire. If there's something you don't see, ask me, I might just have it and be happy for it to be used for studio use.
'69 Gibson SG special
'71 Gibson SG
'96 Gibson SG
'79 Gibson 335
'89 Gibson LP Custom
'90 Gibson LP '57 Goldtop
Fender Strats
Fender Esquire
Fender Teles
'66 Fender Jaguars
'79 Fender P bass
'96 Rickenbacker 360
'86 Rickenbacker 340
'89 Rickenbacker 330
'70 Rickenbacker 335
'70's Travis Bean
'79 Marshall JMP
'90's Marshall 20W (handwired)
'80's Marshall 800
'80's Marshall 800 combo
'90's Marshall 900
'72 Orange OR80 (Graphic)
'73 Orange OR120
'76 Matamp GT100
'74 Orange OR120
'04 Matamp GT1
'04 Matamp King Street
'65 Selmer Zodiac 50
'76 Fender Twin
'76 Fender Twin
'98 Fender Twin blackface reissue
'74 Fender Bassman 1971
'06 Vox AC30 (JMI hotrodded and greenbacks)
Roland JC120 combo
Ampeg SVT1000
Mesa 410
TYM 212 (vintage 30's)
TYM 212 (Greenbacks)
TYM 410 (Mojotone)
TYM 410 (Jensen)
TYM 610 (Emminence)
Marshall 4X12 quads (G12's)
Marshall 4X12 quads (Greenbacks)

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