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March 3, 2010

Tym guitars T shirts

There's a new T shirt available now.
I'm lucky enough to have a friend of mine design most of my artwork for everything from T's, to pedals to amps and even help design guitars for me. The "look" of Tym guitars is all his work.
We've been using the Tym logo in the oval since 1997 and the back still has this logo as have most of my T shirts done over the years.

One of my favorite T shirts was designed by Lluis Fuzzhound from Spain via Melbourne. He does great artwork for all kinds of things inc flyers and album artwork, so check him out. His site has lots of other work.

This was Tone's version of the R'n'R tuxedo T shirt. The shirt and leather jacket were taken from Tommy on the cover of the first Ramones album and the Tym logo and badges added.

Sometimes Tone does some pedal artwork that works for a T shirts as well. The Fuzzilla artwork was just begging to be put on a shirt.

In the past we've done a couple of limited edition T shirts that are no longer available. Two of these were designed by Lenny from Tumbleweed and hand drawn especially for Tym guitars.

There are a few more T's we've done in the past that I can't find the artwork for ? There will be plenty more to come too.

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