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May 27, 2010

Tym Cube of Silence

Here's the home recorders dream. We call it the "Cube of Silence" A couple of guitarists in Brisbane and Sydney have these already and they LOVE them. They can be used in the studio where volume or "spill" is an issue, in a live situation where you can't turn your amp up loud enough to get the overdriven tone you want, straight into the PA or at home into a mixing desk or headphones.
This little box allows you to plug your amp into the "almost" soundproof cab, stick 1 or 2 mics in front of the speaker and turn it up as loud as you want with little to no spill in your studio/bedroom or practice room. You can use it to record or practice with headphones and still get a nice "loud" tone.
The Cube comes in 1x10" or 1x12" and comes complete with 2 mic stands, hardwired to two XLR outputs and the speaker input jack. There are currently demo cabs in the retail shop in the Valley. Go in and try them out with headphones and see for your self. If you live in a townhouse, flat or with people who don't want to hear you, play small clubs and want more control over how loud your guitar is, or run a studio and want to record "live" with no spill, these are for you.

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