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May 24, 2010

The Tym TREMFUZZ ................

OK, this started out as my "homage" to garage bands and especially the Cramps. My love of this band is almost (almost) as much as the Ramones and when I heard Lux had died I decided to make a pedal for him. This was "The Human Fly" which was supposed to be a limited run to say thanks to Lux. It was more sought after than I expected and I released "The Return of the Human Fly" to fill demand. This pedal is still available.
This is the prototype of my new pedal that incorporates the new Tym tremolo pedal with a Human Fly, sort of ............

The trem circuit is based on the old but very cool EA trem using a sine wave oscillator. These had above unity volume so I have fitted an input volume to wind back to "normal" This is also advantageous when running the fuzz after the trem as you can adjust the amount of input signal feeding the fuzz OR with the fuzz before the trem to stop the EA from clipping too much from all the gain being pushed into it. Speed and depth work as usual.
From here you go to the modified Mosrite Fuzzrite circuit that is used in the Human Fly. This is a mid 60's "sausage sizzle" fuzz that holds chords really well and is great for lead. I have added a BigMuff tone stack to the fuzz, which does drain some signal so I've given it a bypass if you want the straight, raw fuzz signal. This, like the original has volume and gain.

There is also a power boost for even MORE gain. This is the same gain stage used in the Human Fly (and Howling Woolf) fuzz. This can be engaged to "thicken" up the fuzz and add lots of volume if desired or the separate volume can be used to adjust the overall volume while keeping the thickness.
All of these effects can be used separately, or together meaning you get 3 pedals in one. It can be a trem, a trem with boost, a fuzz, a fuzz with boost, a trem with fuzz ........ well, you get the idea. All effects are true bypass with LED's on each. The trem can be run before the fuzz or the fuzz before the trem. It runs on a 9V battery or a Boss style DC adaptor.
The pedal is housed in the same custom made enclosure that was used for the now sold out Tym SuperFuzz BigMudd.

The artwork is curretnly being done by Lluis Fuzzhound and the pedal should be ready for release in July 2010.

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