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May 31, 2010

The Source

The ultimate accessory for any guitarist using pedals. No more batteries, no more maze of wires and plug packs and no more buzz and hum. The simple and elegant solution to running your effects pedals.

The Source is a rechargeable battery unit designed to run the vast majority of guitar effect pedals. It is the equivalent to approximately 30 brand new 9 volt (PP3) alkaline batteries, per charge ( 30 batteries @ aprox $4.00 ea = $120 per charge - It will virtually pay for itself in the first few recharges. It will also run keyboards, MIDI controllers and small amplifiers.

6 independant voltage outputs
Independant current protection
Low noise
Will run 6 effects pedals for 8hrs +
fully automatic charging circuit
Extruded aluminium case
Includes leads and DC charger
Runs nearly all effects pedals
Long operational life
Can be used while charging
12 month warranty
Each DC outlet is protected by a custom protection system which isolates faulty wiring or effects units without interfering with the other outlets.
These are available now at Tym guitars for $349 Aus. For more info contact Tym guitars or Guitar Bits on sales@guitarbits.com.au

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