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July 18, 2010

Toadworks Redux

ToadWorks Redux is a guitar effect pedal takes the concept of delay in a whole new direction - two directions, actually. Redux is an Modulated Echo, providing a combination of single, phased and multi-tap delays all in one very small package. Redux has been tested and used with a wide range of amplifiers, including tube, solid state and hybrid, and the results are always the same. If regular old delay is leaving your tone flat, Redux will make it fly.

ToadWorks Redux is a unique digital delay with exceptional clarity, long delay time, and nearly infinite repeats. It's uniqueness comes from an asynchronous second delay signal merged with the original delay. This pairing creates a slightly time-shifted signal, producing a subtle phase-shift effect on the delayed signal only - the original signal is unaffected.
The switch turns the effect on and off, the Delay knob controls the time between repeats, the Repeat knob controls the amount of regeneration, the Offset knob increses/decreases the secondary delay time in contrast to the primary delay (you may also click this control completely off, leaving only the primary delay), and the Mix knob controls the overall delayed/clean signal ratio.
Redux features a true-bypass circuit, keeping your tone crystal clear ad infinitum. Each pedal is carefully manufactured by hand, using only the finest components.

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