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July 15, 2010

The Tym Screaming Tremors

Here it is folks. The new Tym Tremolo pedal.
This is the classic Electronics Australia trem circuit from the '60's, again, but why not. It's a GREAT subtle, yet strong amp/valve like trem. With an improved design and added volume.
This trems been done before and is still being by many with good reason but I've added an input volume control for more scope. The circuit has been modded for more internal gain and the volume pot allows more variance for running gain pedals before or after the trem. If you want to overload the input, turn the volume up. If you want a more subtle trem signal, back the volume off and let the fuzz flow in.

The rate and depth controls are as per normal with just a whisker more speed on the rate. It is of course housed in my hand made custom stainless steel enclosures with Switchcraft jacks and standard Boss style 9V adaptor plug.

Artwork is again done by the great Tone and sits in beautifully beside the Human Fly for horror themed artwork. This trem will be available with other circuits so you can tailor your fuzz/trem needs in one pedal. You can also add the Muff tone control for even more scope.
This will be available in the next couple of weeks. These and all the other Tym pedals are available through Tym guitars.

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