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October 19, 2010

HIRE GEAR - 1970's Fender "silverface" Twins

The Fender Twin is a guitar amplifier made by Fender. It was introduced in 1952, about the same time as the Stratocaster (1954). As the Stratocaster's sales partner, its success was a large part of the increase in popularity of the electric guitar in music.[citation needed] To this day, these amplifiers continue to be sought after by guitarists for their characteristic clean tone. The Twin's circuit has been copied and modified by many other manufacturers.
The first silverface Twins used the blackface AB763 circuit until May 1968, when Fender switched to the AC568. Since the tube complement was the same, Fender just used up their stock of printed tube charts saying AB763 until they ran out. Thus many silverface amps are mislabeled and this has created some confusion, causing some owners to think they have AB763 circuits when in fact they are AC568s.
The Twin Reverb, along with all other silverface models, had an aluminum frame (trim) surrounding the sparkling blue grillcloth from late 1967 to 1969. Early silverface amplifiers made between 1967 and 1968 had black lines on the brushed aluminum control plate, still retaining the '60s "tailed" design. This feature was offered on models produced prior to the "tailless" period in 1973.
The rating of the amplifier's output power was also upgraded to 100 watts.
From about 1973 forward, a master volume with pull-boost (on a push-pull control) became a standard feature on all dual-channel silverfaced Fender models (usually known as "master volume" amps). Original master volume amps from late 1972 were made for a short time without that "pull boost" circuit on the master volume control.

Between 1977-1982 the power was increased to 135 watts. This increase was partly due to the output section being changed to the ultralinear topology, as different power transformer and power supply design resulted in much higher plate voltages. During the 1970s and to a point, the late 1960s, the American amplifier companies were all engaged in an undeclared "wattage war". Each manufacturer would rate and or produce amplifiers of increased power as a means of gaining market superiority (or the illusion thereof). American amplifier companies used a philosophy of bright clean tones and the elimination of distortion was a key design factor.

We currently have 2 of these amps for hire at Tym guitars. We have one early 70's 100W and one later 70's 135W. Check out our HIRE list or cantact the shop for more details.

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