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October 28, 2010

HIRE GEAR - 1970's Fender "silverface" Bassman

The Fender Bassman was a bass amplifier introduced by Fender in 1952. Although it was originally designed for bass guitars, it was frequently used for normal electric guitar in rock and roll, blues, and country bands.
The Bassman was designed for the first mass-production electric bass, the Fender Precision Bass. It was introduced in 1952 and discontinued in 1983. Up to until 1954, the Bassman amps had only 1 speaker (circuit 5B6), but it was the four 10" speaker combination that came to be one of the greatest and most sought after amplifiers in history. The original series of 4x10 Bassman amps included the 5D6 (1955), 5E6 (1955), 5E6-A (1955-1957), 5F6 (1957) and 5F6-A (1958-1960) circuits.
Despite the fact that it was originally designed for bass guitars, it was more famous for its use with normal electric guitar and thus, when Fender recently reissued the 59 (5F6A) edition, it was categorized under guitar amplification instead.
We currently have 2 of these amps for hire at Tym guitars. We have one early 70's 100W and one later 70's 135W. Check out our HIRE list or cantact the shop for more details.

Bassman 50 (1973) - Silverface head - 50 Watts/RMS - Same specs as the original silverface Bassman heads produced between 1968 and 1972, except for the addition of a tailless amp decal and an AC568 circuit.
Bassman 100 (1976) - Silverface head - 100 Watts/RMS

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