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October 21, 2010

Traves Effects GLOB.

New to the Traves Effects range is the GLOB.
It is a versatile overdrive/distortion with fuzzy edges and plenty of volume gain.
A 6 position rotary switch is used to select drive levels with the last 3 settings also altering tone. Ranging from overdrive and distortion through to the fuzzy side of things. All with a taste of their own.
It reacts well to different pickup type and position as well as responding well to rolling back the guitars volume control. It really does interact well and provide a variety of easy to recall cool sounds.
This is the 2 knob version. but coming soon will be a 1 knob version with 2 postion toggle in a smaller enclosure. These will be available with a couple of stock settings, but can be custom built with any 2 settings from the rotary version or even variations on those.
Handbuilt in Australia and featuring True bypass, Alpha Pots, Boss style adapter, LED indicator and other quality bits.
This and other Traves effects are in stock now. Please contact Tym guitars for more info and prices.

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