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June 4, 2010

Marshall 20W Lead and bass JMP.

Since I'm in the shop for the next few days I thought I'd go through and show some of my favorite 2nd hand stuff in here. This little thing is PURE TONE.
The Marshall 2061X Hand Wired Head is a meticulously replicated reissue of the 2061 Lead and Bass head Marshall produced in the late 60's and early 70's. This 20 Watt bad boy is a total British rock and blues masterpiece. It is intended to perch regally atop the 2061CX handwired 2x12 angled cab, which is does with an abundance of style and class. This amp is capable of sparkling, airy clean tones and meaty, walloping crunch, as well as a greasy lead tone like you wouldn't believe. The Marshall handwired series are the current go-to favorite amps at the shop. We are blown away by them and we think you will be as well. Have a look at the specs:
* Hand wired reissue of the Marshall 2061 Lead and Bass head
* 20 Loud Watts!
* 2 EL84 tubes in the power section
* 2 ECC83 tubes in the preamp section
* Solid state rectifier

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