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September 21, 2010

The Marshall Guv'nor

The Guv'nor was a brilliant effort to create a full-featured overdrive pedal worthy of its Marshall heritage. Personally named by Jim Marshall himself, "The Guv'nor" is British slang for "The Leader," or a musician's expression in the UK meaning "The Ultimate." Solid state technology was used to "unleash a stunning variety of the best-sounding classic and contemporary distortion sounds known to man," according to an article introducing the Guv'nor in the Vol. 6, No. 1 issue of Marshall Law issued in 1989. Everything is housed in a tough, steel-reinforced case.

1 GAIN - This controls the intensity of the drive and will provide a stunning range of overdrive selections. Lower settings will give a simple volume boost, while advanced settings will provide screaming solo sounds.
2 BASS - Controls the lower frequencies giving a range from thudding, heavy rhythm, to tight and punchy solo response.
3 MIDDLE - This control provides the key to an unbelievable range of distortion tones. When backed off, the sound is smooth and fat for more lyrical blues/rock playing styles. Increasing the contour changes the character of the mid response and enhances the treble and bass frequencies.
4 TREBLE - High end response control which tailors the attack and enhances the harmonic content. All three EQ controls are truly interactive, letting the player dial in anything from hard-driving, modern Marshall distortion, to the sweet, syrupy sustain of classic Vintage models.
5 LEVEL - Provides control of the overall level and amount of boost.
6 SWITCH - On/off switch to bypass or activate the pedal with indicator LED to show the status.
INPUT JACK - For connection of the cable from the guitar. Use a mono 1/4" cable (shielded).
LOOP JACK - The FX loop output allows linking to to other pedals using an optional "Y" cable, with the Guv'nor acting as the master switch for the whole effects chain. The "Y" cable needed is a TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) 1/4" type at one end, splitting into a pair of mono 1/4" cables at the other.
MAINS ADAPTOR - Input for a 9 volt DC mains adaptor.
OUTPUT JACK - For the connection of the cable from the pedal to the amplifier input socket. Use a mono 1/4" cable (shielded).

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