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September 15, 2010

Tym Supertone 100

After the development of the Lemon, which was an almost exact clone of a late 60's/early 70's 0R@NG# I was fascinated by this circuit and what it could do without the modern restrictions like "can I get these made in China as cheap as possible" or "I can save a dollar by getting crappier transformers"
The Supertone 100 is very similar to the Lemon in most respects. It is essentially based on the same amp using many of the same components. I did however get my original vintage Parmeko transformers from my old M@T@MPs reverse engineered by AVAT (Australian Valve Audio Transformers) in Melbourne at great expense as these were my favorite sounding transformers from any of my vintage amps of these two brands. The transformers were unwound, measured, tested and re-assembled and clones made using better quality steel and wire. The results are amazing to say the least.

The other section that has undergone some mods is the tone stack. Although I LOVE these original amps in every form I own them in, the tone sweep can be a little ......... non responsive on some. After going through the tone stack and fine tuning the bass and treble sweeps I am happier with these than some of the original amps. It is difficult because these amps are SO sensitive to what's put into them i.e. humbuckers, single coils etc and the FAC (Frequency Analyzing Control) completely changes how the amp reacts in each position.

I wanted this one to look "a little less" like what the circuit is based on and more Tym and it will be available in the standard Supertone 20/40 style shell with grill cloth as well for people who would prefer that more "vintage" look ? My friend Tone did another great job in doing up the face plate artwork. The "production" ones will be engraved trafolyte (a 2 or 3 layer Laminex type material) done on CNC and can be done in picture frame or standard head shells.
Inside the heart of this amp is, as with all Tym amps, THE BEST quality components money can buy. From the completely hand made premium steel transformers to 1% metal film resistors, RS and Wimar caps, Alpha pots, Belton sockets and Cliff jacks. This one has JJ EL34's but I tried Mullard, Winged C and Svetlana among others and found them all to be great with slightly different break up when pushed hard. My vintage amps behave the same way when pushed with these brands.

I have added cooling vents in the steel laser cut chassis around all the power valves and the back and production models will have a top vent in the shell. These things get HOT when pushed. The Tym ST100 has 4, 8 and 16 Ohm speaker outputs and runs just over 100 Watts before clipping.

These will be available for order soon as there is a waiting period to get the transformers hand made and we are currently engineering new transformers for the ST20.

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