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September 1, 2010

Octave Multiplexer. Analog Sub-Octave Generator

Get down! Generates deep, phat bass tones one octave below the notes you play. Two separate smoothing filters enable you to tailor your sub-octave signal to the exact bass sound you desire, separating the Octave Multiplexer from other octave devices. Run your vocals through it and sound just like Ike Turner. This is a monophonic device and works only on single notes.
The Electro-Harmonix OCTAVE MULTIPLEXER is the result of many years of engineering research. To get the best results from it please put aside an hour or two for practice in a quiet room…just you, your guitar and amp, and the OCTAVE MULTIPLEXER.

The OCTAVE MULTIPLEXER produces a sub-octave note one octave below the note you play. With two filter controls and a SUB switch, the OCTAVE MULTIPLEXER allows you to shape the tone of the sub-octave from deep bass to fuzzy sub-octaves.
HIGH FILTER Knob - Adjusts a filter that will shape the tone of the sub-octave’s higher order harmonics. Turning the HIGH FILTER knob clockwise will make the sub-octave sound more gnarly and fuzzy.
BASS FILTER Knob - Adjusts a filter that will shape the tone of the sub-octave’s fundamental and lower order harmonics. Turning the BASS FILTER knob counter-clockwise will make the sub-octave sound deeper and bassier. PLEASE NOTE: the BASS FILTER knob is only active when the SUB switch is set to ON.
SUB Switch - Switches the Bass Filter in and out. When SUB is set to ON the Bass Filter and its corresponding knob are activated. When the SUB switch is set to OFF, only the High Filter is active. Turning the SUB switch on gives the sub-octave a deeper, bassier sound.
BLEND Knob - This is a wet/dry knob. Counter-clockwise is 100% dry. Clockwise is 100% wet.
STATUS LED - When the LED is lit; the Octave Multiplexer effect is active. When the LED is off, the Octave Multiplexer is in True Bypass Mode. The footswitch engages/disengages the effect.
INPUT Jack - Connect your instrument to the input jack. The input impedance presented at the input jack is 1Mohm.
EFFECT OUT Jack - Connect this jack to your amplifier. This is the Octave Multiplexer’s output.
DRY OUT Jack - This jack is connected directly to the Input Jack. The DRY OUT jack gives the musician the ability to separately amplify the original instrument and the sub-octave created by the Octave Multiplexer.
9V Power Jack - The Octave Multiplexer can run off of a 9V battery or you can connect a 9VDC battery eliminator capable of delivering at least 100mA to the 9V power jack. The optional 9V power supply from Electro-Harmonix is US9.6DC-200BI (same as used by Boss(tm) & Ibanez(tm)) 9.6 Volts DC 200mA. The battery eliminator must have a barrel connector with center negative. The battery may be left in or taken out when using an eliminator.

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