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September 6, 2010

Silvertone amp in case guitar

THE AMP: One of the most eye catching features of the student set is that the amplifier is built into the top-half of the hard-shell guitar case. The first one, the 1448 series, was a simple 3 watt amplifier with 2 tubes plus 1 tube rectifier, 5-in speaker, and one gain control. In 1963, the 1449 series (later renamed 1457) was released, featuring a 5 watt 3-tube (with 1 tube rectifier) amplifier, with 8 inch speakers, control for volume (gain), tone, tremolo (speed and strength), 2 inputs, and one foot-switch. The front end of the case has its top half covered in cloth for the speaker. In 1966, the amp-in-case comes with both the non-tremolo version 1451 (modified from 1448) and tremolo version 1452 (modified from 1449). Electronically they are identical, but the speakers are moved to the opposite lid.
The case is 39x15x3 inches.
When the guitar is stored inside the case, with the speaker cloth facing upward, the guitar neck would sit on the left side of the amplifier.

THE GUITAR: When first introduced in 1962, the 3/4-sized guitar had a double cutaway semi-hollow body in a shape similar to the well known Fender Stratocaster. The body was composed of a poplar center block and frame with Masonite top and back. It came with a single lipstick pickup at the "middle" position, controlled by a volume and tone knob. The poplar neck was fitted with a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, and only had 18 frets. The neck connected to the body with three bolts.
By Fall of 1963, there was a two pickup model available. The new model 1449 was the same as its predecessor, but equipped with 2 lipstick pickups and a 21 fret neck. Eventually the semi-hollow guitar models were replaced with solid-body design similar to Danelectro's Dane line.

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