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January 25, 2011

BYOC effects kits

B.Y.O.C. offers a full line of DIY guitar effects kits that are based on some of the most famous circuits ever conceived and use top shelf components to provide you with superb sounding boutique level effects pedals that are both fun to build and save you money. And you will also enjoy your pedal so much more because you built it yourself (your friends will be thoroughly impressed too!).
Our kits come with absolutely EVERYTHING you need to build a complete pedal right down to the hook up wire. The circuit board is ready-to-solder and the enclosure is pre-drilled. The only thing you'll need are a few basic tools and a little patience. And they're easy to build too. The step by step instructions make it as simple as paint by numbers and the layouts are extremely intuitive.
But the most important thing with any guitar FX stompbox is how the end result sounds and holds up. A BYOC kit is not just some DIY project that simply "works". A properly built BYOC kit will rival or surpass even the most coveted and expensive handmade versions of a comparable circuit in tone, construction, and every other aspect of what makes pedal great.
With so many pedal companies that all seem to offer the same things, why not try something different? Why not build your own clone and Take Tone Into Your Own Hands?

SOME of the kits include

DOD 250+:
If you're a fan of either the DOD 250 overdrive or the MXR Distortion+, then you probably already know that the two circuits are nearly 100% identical with the exception of a few component values.
The BYOC 250+ kit comes with all the parts to build to either 250 or Dist+ specs and extra diodes to experiment with the clipping section. This is also the easiest kit to build that BYOC offers, so if you are looking for an easy "first timer" project, this kit would be ideal.

Analog delay:
The BYOC Analog Delay kit features 100% true mechanical bypass with a dry out and boasts four 4096 step BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay) chips. Each BBD chip has its own dedicated clock driver chip to provide the lowest amount of clock noise and most efficient operation. With a 16,384 bucket brigade delay line, the BYOC analog delay isn't going to give you pristine clear bell like repeats. If you want that, you had better get yourself a digital delay. If you've never played an analog delay before, you should know that the repeats will be grainy and have some distortion. But if analog is the only thing that will do if for you, and you need more than the typical 300ms analog delay, then this is the delay for you.
The kit also has a Short/Long switch. This switch completely bypasses 3 of the 4 BBD stages to give you a perfect vintage slapback delay tone similar to a DM-2 in addition to having one of the longest analog delay times available today. The repeats are clearer when in short mode, but still distinctly analog.

The Large Beaver:
With the Large Beaver, we set out to give you the most absolutely accurate sonic recreation of an early era Big Muff Pi, but with some added tonal flexibility. Since the component selections used by Electro Harmonix in the early days were very inconsistent, there are many conflicting opinions of what exactly Triangle Era specs and what Ram's Head Era specs should be. So we decided to investigate for ourselves. We sampled dozens of vintage Big Muffs and recorded the component
values for dozens of specimens. We then compiled the data to determine what the average value (or closest to a standard component value) was for each component. This gives us a far better idea of what the intended component values should be and a tone that is more consistently familiar.
The BYOC Large Beaver kit comes with parts to build to Triangle Era specs or Rams Head Era specs including BC239C transistors. We also added a modification to make the circuit better adapted for any playing situation.
Because the Big Muff Pi has such a scooped mid EQ, it can make it hard to cut through in a band setting or impossible to nail your favorite famous recorded muff tones because of post recording EQ. We added a 4 way EQ switch that affects how the tone knob works. Position 1 is the standard mid scooped tone knob that we all know and love. Position 2 is a flat mids tone knob that you'll find on a lot of the modern boutique Muff clones. Position 3 is a mid hump tone knob which really cuts through and gives it a real overdrive flavor when you roll back on the guitar's volume knob. And position 4 is a tone knob bypass, like you'd find on some of the later versions of the Big Muff Pi, but never before on the Triangle or Ram's Head Era versions. When you take the passive tone stack out of the way, the tone knob bypass offers a huge volume boost with unadulterated vintage muff tone....very cool!

These and MANY MORE BYOC KITS are available at Tym guitars Contact us for more info and prices.

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