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January 5, 2011

Tym strings. Flatwound bass strings added

Strings are strings right ? Wrong. There are masses of cheap Asian made strings on the market now that are just shocking. These are made for factories to put on the thousands of new guitars being produced in China every week. They have no tension, are made from inferior quality metals and sound terrible. I refuse to set up guitars at our repair shop using these strings now. They may be cheap, but they just DON'T WORK.
We have great quality USA made strings under the Tym brand name starting at $10 a pack, less with quantity orders. These are imported and made into packs of the most common gauges.
We currently do 9-42, 10-46, 10-54, 11-48, 11-52 and 13-56 in nickel electric guitar and phosphor bronze acoustic strings in 12-53 and 13-57 gauges and still at an AMAZING $10 a pack. We also offer these great quality strings in 45-105, 50-110 in nickle and 45-105 in stainless AND NOW in flatwound for bass at $30 a pack. You can also order custom gauge sets usually for the same price and we have more standard gauges to come. Contact Tym guitars for more info and bulk deal prices.

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