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January 27, 2011

Tym Toecutter

The Toecutter is a Tym pedal that copies the original RAT. I started with the "Bud Box" and original "THE RAT" and tried to find out why new ones don't sound like old ones ? In this case, it really is true.
It turns out the RAT circuit hasn't changed that much over the years. It's mainly that the new ones don't use the original components due to their slightly higher cost. The circuit stayed almost the same for about 20 years.
The original used the famous LM308 IC that has become expensive (for a chip) and was replaced with the inferior sounding OP07DP around 2003 when production moved to China, along with several other mods to the circuit. These original ones had a much nicer tone and harmonic distortion, what the RAT was actually famous for. The FET has also been changed over the years which in conjunction with the chip, makes the newer circuit "mudier"
These early RATs are now fetching BIG money and the new ones can't be modified to sound like the old ones (just check the Keeley site) so it seemed to make sense ........ to make one ?

It is built on custom designed Tym PCB and hand wired using original type caps, resistors, FET and IC to give the original tone as used by The Melvins, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Radiohead and many many more. This has been fitted to my new enclosure design. It's the same size box handmade out of stainless steel, just sideways. This looks more like the vintage RAT design although liberty has been taken with artwork (thanks Tone) and pot placement. It has Boss style 9V input (no battery/ see earlier post), Swithccraft jacks and true bypass. The 2 LED's are located in the eyes of the skull. There will also be one available with toggle switches for "clean boost" and more "bottom end"

These pedals are IN STOCK now. Contact Tym guitars for these or any other pedal in the Tym range. Thanks for supporting Tym guitars.

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