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January 18, 2011

Option 5 effects

Destination Rotation Single

Features include:

* Smooth overdrive feature with footswitch and level trimmer.
* Top mounted trimmers for slow and fast speed tweaking.
* Microphone placement control for effect depth.
* Realistic speed up/down ramping effect.
* Standard 9 volt operation.
* Low profile box (Voodoo Lab size)
* True Bypass.

The DR Single is 100% analog and low noise. The doppler effect is tight and the phasing characteristics are liquid sounding. The DR Single is 100% hand-built and thouroughly tested before it leaves my hands. It is built like a tank with high quality components, all lead free soldered to a carefully designed and super-solid, double sided, plate-through PC board that is also lead free. All that is housed in a die-cast aluminum box that will not rust or fall apart. As with all Option 5 products, the DR Single is built to last!

Destination Overdrive II

Features include:

* Improved bass response.
* Improved gain control with more range.
* Standard 9 volt operation.
* True Bypass

This has to be, by far, the best tube preamp sounding, solid state overdrive pedal ever created. Smooth, tight and responsive are words that come to mind. This is not another "Screamer" clone. This pedal will basically add another channel to your amp with all the features such as a classic tone 'stack' configuration for shaping your sound. It is able to sound like a barely broken up blues tone or with the twist of a few knobs, it will rip your head off with searing, scooped mids heavy metal. This is one pedal that has a range that is actually usable, throughout. I have designed it that way. The bass is never farty. Performing a 'dive bomb' will not make it choke. Roll your volume knob back on your guitar and actually reduce your gain. Picking dynamics and note separation are unbelievable. And, oh yeah, it's low noise too!

Destination Phase
Stereo Phase Shifter

Features include:

* True, panning, stereo phase shifting.
* No distortion on peaks.
* Wide range of Speed control.
* Non tone altering Depth control.
* Cool Regeneration control.
* Non-Tone-Sucking Bypass.

These pedals are IN STOCK now. Contact Tym guitars for more info and prices.

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