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June 4, 2010

1966 "blackface" Fender Bandmaster

This amp is a 1966 Bandmaster which is 40W into 4 Ohm with vibrato and in fair to good vintage cosmetic and excellent electrical condition. It has been fully serviced with new valves and caps. It also has a new Mercury Magnetics power transformer.
Tolex, grille and cabinet are in fair to good condition with a few blemishes. The original face plate has a hole drilled (now plugged) and one bright switch has been replaced. Missing back plate.

* Chassis number A24928 (1966).
* Original Output transformer
* Set up with Sovtek 5881/6L6 power valves and Ruby preamp tubes.
These Blackface Bandmaster heads are great examples of that classic "Fender tone" and are getting much harder to find, especially in Australia.
The AB763 (designed in July, 1963) circuit is arguably considered the "best" circuit version produced for this amp by collectors and aficionados. Amps retrofitted to this circuitry are described as having been "blackfaced," a reference to the black faceplate used on these amps during much of this era.

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Pics are not of actual amp.

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