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June 17, 2010

Custom Tym bass speaker cabs

Since the Tym cabs have been going so well we've been getting asked more and more for custom made cabs. We are of course, happy to oblige as these are all hand made here in Brisbane.
Here's 2 I just finished loading yesterday. The first is a 1x15 in one of our 2x12 cabs. This is for a great Tym customer in Melbourne who already has one of my 2x12 bass cabs and wanted a matching 1x15 to run them together, stacked. This one has had different bracing and ports due to the speaker but the cab itself is identical to the standard 2x12 guitar cab. It has side handles like his other cab and is a good idea with the extra weight of the bass speaker magnets.

This is fitted with a 500 W Eminence speaker at 4 Ohm.

The other cab is one of our 4x10 cabs fitted with 2 12" 450W Eminence bass speakers. These are staggered and again, the bracing and ports are modified for the different speaker combination , but the cab itself is the same as my standard 4x10 guitar or bass cab.

I have been using black grill cloth for bass cabs and silver for guitar cabs but this is of course completely optional. As is the case with tolex, handles and speakers. We offer any colour combinations currently available to us.
All our cabs are handmade using void free 19mm ply and glued, screwed and sealed by hand.
Fittings are all top quality metal feet and corners and all cabs come with 2 input/output jacks for "jumping" cabs if you only have one output on your amp.

Both of these cabs are now a standard order and will be listed on the site soon. We will be making 2x10 cabs next with other custom and standard cabs to follow. Contact us for any info or check the site for prices and specs of the cabs currently available.

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