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June 20, 2010

Tym guitars on video

I've had some people ask about my guitars on video. I don't know where a lot of the footage might be but I found these quickly on the net ? I know my guitars have been used to record lots of stuff, but obviously there's no (or little) footage of that that I know of. Enjoy.

This is 3 film clips the Hellacopters did. Nicke owns 5 of my guitars including the Royale model designed by himself and I. This first clip he's using a Wosrite VIII. This is a copy of the VIII Mosrite from the 80's with 3 pick ups.

the Hellacopters - By the Grace of God

This clip he's using the Johnny model I made him. This was the first guitar Nicke got off me and he used it the day after he picked it up in front of thousands of people at the Big Day Out.

the Hellacopters - Toys and Flavors

He's using the Johnny again here.

the Hellacopters - Hopeless Case Of A Kid In Denial

I have done lots of work for Magic Dirt. I make the Big Bottom bass pedal that was designed for Dean Turner. In this clip Raul is using the first of 2 Crestwood copies I've made for him. This was a solid thick mahogany body with set mahogany neck and a mini humbucker in the neck and a full HB in the bridge. This has been Rauls main guitar since I made it but has now been delegated to second after I made him a new blue Wilshire copy.

Magic Dirt - Plastic Loveless Letter

Magic Dirt - All My Crushes / Vulcanella

A few years ago Speedo (RFTC, Drive like Jehu, Hotsnakes) toured and I went to see him in the Hotsnakes. After the show the tour manager came out and said "John wants to meet you" We talked and the next day he came round to my workshop and we talked about making a signature guitar. This was the end result. The Swami Scimitar. It's based on a Tokai Hummingbird but built more like a LP Custom. We're just about to start the Scimitar II which will be the same shape but with some mods to suit his new band, the Night Marchers.

Night Marchers - Tropical Depression

One of THE BEST bands in Australia is these guys. I've done a bit of work for them too and I made this Johnny for Tom a few years back. Solid, one piece honduran mahogany body and maple neck with 3 pick ups (Tom always has to go further)


THE NATION BLUE | MySpace Music Videos

The Nation Blue - IDIOT

Now this band I've done HEAPS of work for. This is another one of THE BEST bands in Australia (well, the US at the moment) I built a "Tele" for Luke with a P-90 and wraparound bridge, one volume knob and two output jacks as his main touring guitar. The first one was smashed I think, the second stolen in Sydney and this is the third one. They've been his main guitar since I came up with the idea. Simple, "tourproof" and sounds great.

Violent Soho - Love is a Heavy Word

Violent Soho - Bombs Over Broadway

Violent Soho - Jesus Stole My Girlfriend

If anyone knows of any more feel free to send it to me.

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