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June 18, 2010

Traves effects

Tym guitars is now stocking TRAVES guitar effects. Made here in Australia.
Traves Guitar Effects evolved out of Dave's long term interest in music. More specifically, music he likes. This more often than not involved loud, distorted, fuzzed and otherwise effected guitars. Dinosaur jr, Radio Birdman, Mudhoney, New Christs, Celibate Rifles, The Saints, Sonic Youth, Qotsa etc...
While playing in a band he built a pedal and thought it was pretty cool. The band thing was good but didn't seem to keep everyone happy, so that got shelved.
To keep some sanity he figured he'd make some pedals and keep himself amused that way. Dave doesn't do anything half-arsed, so here is TRAVES effects.
They are hand built from scratch, the old kinda way. Drilling, painting and labelling enclosures. Dave uses Vero board, cut to size and designs a layout based on the old schematic, adding modern tweaks, control options, pull down resistors, power filtering, reverse polarity protection etc..
They use Alpha pots, metal film resistors where possible and NOS transistors where applicable.
All pedals have True Bypass,Led's and Boss style DC adaptors. (Apart from Puke).
Dave's not trying to re-invent the wheel (well not just yet), just keep the thing rollin'. His aim is to build a quality, affordable product that's a little different that people will appreciate and really enjoy getting some cool sounds. And Handbuilt in Australia.

ACID : Based on Stratoblaster. Single jfet trasistor clean booster. Single volume knob. Unity gain at 0, adding some depth and sparkle.
Good volume boost without colouring sound. He has added a couple of different opposed diodes to ground on the output via the toggle (dirty) just to add a bit of grit and variation.

PUKE : Based on Rangemaster. CV 7004 (oc45) Germanium Transistor. Don't have to explain too much here. Added 3 way toggle to change input cap. Hi / Mid / Full.

GUNK : Based on Mosrite Fuzzrite. Using BC108A or 2n2222a transistors.

SMOG : Based on Jordan Bosstone. 2n2222a and 2n3906 transistors. Ranging from overdrive like through to 'smoother' fuzz with cool sag and pick attack.

SLUDGE : Based on Shin ei Companion fuzz. 2n2222a's in fuzz section, 2n3904 on output section. Added toggle to switch between scooped filter section of original and 'Raw' filter bypass section.

GRIME : Based on Ampeg Scrambler. Using Darlingtons and BC108B.

These are available NOW at Tym guitars. Made here in Australia.

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  1. just Got an Acid and it totally rules, if you like great sounding, no fuss (great fuzz) pedals check out Traves Effects they kick ass!!