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June 10, 2010

Pedal parts

I just got a big shipment of effects pedal parts. Contact us for availability and prices.
I have DPDT and TPDT stomp switches available. These are the generic version of the Fulltone switch as used by EVERYONE. These can be used in new effects where true bypass is wanted with an LED or for modding an older effect to have true bypass and/or LED.
Also, a big shipment of Switchcraft mono and stereo jacks. These are by far THE BEST quality value for money jacks out there. I use these in all my guitar, effects and amp work here.
I have just got a shipment of IC's as well. WE have stock of LM308's as used in Pro Co RATs and many clones and JRC4558's as used in Tubescreamers and lots and lots of clones. These can both be retrofitted into modern re-issues to get closer to the original tone.
On top of this I have stock of most common and some hard to get transistors such as 2N2222 and 2N5088's as used in vintage Big Muffs and C945's as used in vintage Shen-ei and Univox fuzzes. We also have a big range of mini toggle switches from DPDT to 4PDT and DPTT and a range of 16mm pots from 10K to 1M. I currently have limited stock of Hammond enclosures in both MXR sizes. Lots of knobs, diodes, caps, electros, FET's and resistors in stock also. Contact Tym guitars for availability and prices.

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